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For more than 50 years Business Machines Company has provided in-store technology in the segments of grocery, hospitality, specialty and thrift. Over those years we’ve assisted customers migrating from mechanical registers, electronic registers, POS systems, open POS systems, and now to the latest in full/mobile solutions. A full service integrator providing sales, support, service, and SaaS (Software as a Service). We currently support a nationwide install base of over 5,000 locations from our eight midwestern offices.


Prepared Foods Lure Quick-service Customers To Grocers

"We have so many options. It’s just one more thing cutting into consumers' restaurant visits," said Bonnie Riggs, an analyst with market research firm The NPD Group. "It’s a battle for market share, and it looks like some of the non-food concepts are winning." ... Read More

Point-To-Point Encryption Solutions For Retailers: Lessons Learned

Retail brands hold a special place in the hearts and minds of consumers. There are so many choices and options and each has carved its own niche and brand identity. Each year, billions are spent to promote, expand and enhance these brands in a very public way, which makes a security breach that much... Read More